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Posted by glotchalotch - 6 days ago

Hi again! School's beginning to pick up a bit, but I still have free time. My main block recently has been a lack of ideas, but after playing Deltarune Ch. 2 I just had to make something, so here's a loop I made. I hope you like it! It's inspired by video game cavern type music.

Side note: I have headphones that work again! No more pathetically wearing one earphone for me!

Also, belated thanks for 10 fans! That's pretty cool!

Posted by glotchalotch - 1 month ago

Hi again!

New song, new newspost! The new song is pretty short, but I like the way it turned out. Tell me what you think! (Also if you know a better genre to put this in please tell me)

In some previous newsposts I told you guys how my wireless headphones broke and my cheap wired headphones were breaking. Well, now the bridge between the earphones on the wired headphones doesn't even work at all!! So now I can only listen to audio through one ear, which means no panning for me! Maybe I should do some more FamiTracker for a while to keep my stuff in mono.

Also, school starts in a few days. I may or may not have less free time to do stuff, but I'll try to keep making music and/or other things on the regular.

Thanks for reading, see ya!

Posted by glotchalotch - August 18th, 2021

Hello! I made a new song again, inspired by the thumb piano I have in my room that's been forever out of tune. The song doesn't actually reflect that, but trust me it was.

I've also changed the license for most of my songs to Creative Commons with Attribution, meaning you can use it as long as you give credit and it's not commercial (you'll have to bring that up with me personally if you want to do that). The only exceptions are the songs I've made for specific pieces of media (Bowl Party OST and LCD Lullaby as of now). So if you use any of my songs for something cool, tell me about it!


Posted by glotchalotch - August 16th, 2021

Well, after a few weeks of waiting, I can finally announce that I... didn't meet the mark for NGUAC. That sucks, but there's always next year! Plus it was a good reminder that there's always room for improvement! Good luck to everyone who did make it!

Gonna start a new song regardless so stay tuned for that.

p.s. belated public thanks to @ScarecrowArts for gifting me supporter status. I didn't want to make a news post that was just that but it's also been an awkwardly long time now so idk


Posted by glotchalotch - August 1st, 2021

Hello again! Here's another chiptune that I started 1.5 weeks ago but didn't bother to finish until today. Hope you like it though, I'm really proud of it, even with its rough edges. The VRC6 expansion is really becoming an old reliable to me, but maybe I could try out some of the other expansions in FamiTracker soon if I can figure out how to use them. I'd like to use the DPCM track to add drums, but it's a lot of trouble to get the samples volume balanced. However, now that I've relented and edited a chiptune in Audacity, I think I can relent and manually balance the DPCM with the rest of the song if I do use it. Pretty soon I think I might try out some 16-bit chiptune like SNES or Genesis to see what kind of new sounds I can get out of them.

Also, update on the headphone situation for anyone who cares: The right earphone broke off too, so now I'm using a pair of headphones where neither of the earphones actually go on my ear because they're dangling on the wires. Nothing to do with the song, just thought it would be funny to mention.

Posted by glotchalotch - July 22nd, 2021

Hi again! Hope you guys are doing well this morning. This will just be another update/thought dump that I guess I'm just doing every few weeks now.

A few days ago I published a new chiptune that I had no idea what to name, but I think it sounds good anyway so it doesn't really matter. Check it out!

I also made my first movie submission for the Animated Bumper Collab for the upcoming 2nd round of Summer Animation Jams. I'm really happy that I was able to contribute something to a collab here. It's stop motion too, since I have no art skills, but I tried to do something interesting with the tools that I had, that being a bedroom and a crappy cell phone camera.

I made a different stop-mo bumper before this one, but I didn't publish it because there were some technical and execution issues that made me reluctant to post it. I'll probably upload it to my YouTube channel or something later, and maybe I'll upload the music I made for it to Newgrounds, but it is a pretty simple tune so idk.

Outside of NG, I recently made an FNF mod that adds Wii Remote support, and you play the game by tilting and twisting the remote, inspired by this BBS thread. It was kind of a pain to get working, and will probably be a huge pain to install for most people since you have to use an unsigned driver, but there's not really anything I can do about that unfortunately. Check it out on GameBanana or GitHub and tell me what you think!

Thought dump time:

A few days ago I choked on some water and accidentally spit it out, and I guess some accidentally got on my good wireless headphones, because now they just make electric buzzing and zapping noises instead of actually playing audio. I think I might upload the sound to Freesound, because it almost exactly matches the stereotype for "broken electronic device".

This is gonna make music making a little harder for me because now I'm using these cheap wired headphones that a. have a left earphone that still works fine but is now literally hanging by the wires and b. has a partly broken wire so sometimes I have to readjust the wire to get it working and also I think it messes with volume balancing somehow?? It's certainly different than the wireless ones and I'm not sure if it's more or less accurate in reference to anyone else. I certainly won't stop making music because of this but I'll need to take that into account.

Speaking of making music, if anyone wants to collab for whatever reason, just PM me. I can't guarantee that I'll accept, but it would be cool to meet new people and make something cool with someone else.

Thanks for reading this far! Hope you all have a good day.

ps. thanks for 6 fans!


Posted by glotchalotch - June 30th, 2021


I put out a new song today, and I figured I'd use this chance to promote that, plus talk about some other random stuff I've been thinking about.

First off, my chiptune kick is continuing along, in no small part thanks to Fearofdark. This guy is so unbelievably cracked at chiptune that it makes me want to start up FamiTracker every time I listen to his songs. "There'll Always Be Next Year" is for sure my favorite right now. I've pretty much made it my end goal to make a song on that level in literally any capacity. Take a listen to see what I mean. I also need to find some more chiptune artists, because it's probably not healthy for him to be my only influence in this field lol.

Secondly: I got scouted in the Audio Portal! (Thanks @offi-DtrGuo-cial!) I was really excited when that happened, because now it feels like I'm officially a Musical Artist™. Despite the fact that I've been making music for almost 8 months now (!!) it feels like I'm still not really... doing it yet, if you know what I mean. It still sort of feels like I'm just plunking notes into Ableton or FamiTracker and saying "Hey guys! Look at me, I know what I'm doing, I promise!!" I don't know if that feeling will ever go away, but it has been getting better lately as I feel myself improving a lot. Either way, it's pretty cool to not be buried in the Undiscovered section anymore.

(also, I know that scouting is more of a "this person doesn't upload stolen music" label than any kind of marker of quality, but oh well)

Thirdly: I finally listened to Cloudbusting by Kate Bush yesterday. It's not really related to anything I just said, but I've been thinking about it a lot because man it's a good song. It's both unique sounding and impactful, and you should go listen to it right now. I found it through Neil Cicierega's mashup of it and California Gurlz, which is both hilarious and cursed. The Wikipedia article about the guy who inspired the song was certainly something to read about. Highly recommended if you want to go down a bit of a Wikipedia rabbit hole.

Anyway, there's some stuff that I felt like ranting about. Thanks for sitting through it. Have a great rest of your day!


Posted by glotchalotch - June 2nd, 2021

Almost 2 weeks ago I put out a sneak peek of a small VR project I was working on, and it's finally completed! It's called Bowl Party, it has one map, and I've had it on the backburner since February. Being the way that it is, I couldn't put the actual game on here, but I have put the two music tracks up.

I hope that you'll check out the game (assuming you can play it) on itch.io and tell me what you think. It's the first game that I've actually released, which is a pretty big milestone for me. Hopefully whatever game I make next, I can upload it here as a web game.


Posted by glotchalotch - May 20th, 2021

I feel bad for not posting anything here so here's a video of my new project. This is a conversion of a video that I excitedly sent to a friend after I managed to get the Unity UI slider working in VR. I'm very proud of it, mainly because the debugging was mostly me asking "will this random thing fix the fact that it's breaking in a really weird way?" while really only kind of thinking about the logic, and then it worked. Also VR is just mad cool and I'm glad to make something functional and reusable with it.


Should I have made my first (complete) gamedev project be a VR game? Absolutely not, but it's too late now because I've already committed to getting it done, and I'm hoping to get it finished soon™. I won't be able to upload it here for obvious reasons, but it'll be up on my itch.io page which I haven't used yet, and of course I'm making original music for it, which I'll upload here.

Anyway, hope you're all having a good evening or morning or midnight scroll or whatever it may be.


Posted by glotchalotch - May 1st, 2021


As someone who's pretty new here, I have to say that the concept of Pico Day is pretty amazing, and I'm enjoying all the cool stuff that people are putting out. That said, I didn't have any ideas myself, so I didn't make anything... although, I did make a new song which I'm pretty excited to share with you that happened to be made last night.

I made a short c. 1 minute song called Unstuck Up last night over the course of about an hour and a half, and I'm not really sure why I decided to make it, but at the same time, I'm pretty psyched about the result. Hope you like it!

p.s. I really need to use this account more often, this place is way better than Twitter. lol