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Another post-song check in

Posted by glotchalotch - 7 days ago

Hi again! Hope you guys are doing well this morning. This will just be another update/thought dump that I guess I'm just doing every few weeks now.

A few days ago I published a new chiptune that I had no idea what to name, but I think it sounds good anyway so it doesn't really matter. Check it out!

I also made my first movie submission for the Animated Bumper Collab for the upcoming 2nd round of Summer Animation Jams. I'm really happy that I was able to contribute something to a collab here. It's stop motion too, since I have no art skills, but I tried to do something interesting with the tools that I had, that being a bedroom and a crappy cell phone camera.

I made a different stop-mo bumper before this one, but I didn't publish it because there were some technical and execution issues that made me reluctant to post it. I'll probably upload it to my YouTube channel or something later, and maybe I'll upload the music I made for it to Newgrounds, but it is a pretty simple tune so idk.

Outside of NG, I recently made an FNF mod that adds Wii Remote support, and you play the game by tilting and twisting the remote, inspired by this BBS thread. It was kind of a pain to get working, and will probably be a huge pain to install for most people since you have to use an unsigned driver, but there's not really anything I can do about that unfortunately. Check it out on GameBanana or GitHub and tell me what you think!

Thought dump time:

A few days ago I choked on some water and accidentally spit it out, and I guess some accidentally got on my good wireless headphones, because now they just make electric buzzing and zapping noises instead of actually playing audio. I think I might upload the sound to Freesound, because it almost exactly matches the stereotype for "broken electronic device".

This is gonna make music making a little harder for me because now I'm using these cheap wired headphones that a. have a left earphone that still works fine but is now literally hanging by the wires and b. has a partly broken wire so sometimes I have to readjust the wire to get it working and also I think it messes with volume balancing somehow?? It's certainly different than the wireless ones and I'm not sure if it's more or less accurate in reference to anyone else. I certainly won't stop making music because of this but I'll need to take that into account.

Speaking of making music, if anyone wants to collab for whatever reason, just PM me. I can't guarantee that I'll accept, but it would be cool to meet new people and make something cool with someone else.

Thanks for reading this far! Hope you all have a good day.

ps. thanks for 6 fans!