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This idea is crazy cool!! Really creative segue into the ending logo too!

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This game has charming art, banger music, and satisfying gameplay (even though I suck ass), but I can't kill the receptionist, so it's a 0/5 from me, sorry

This is insane that you made this in 9 days. This feels so good to play, it's polished as hell, and the inspiration from old school Kirby works so well for this game that I can hardly believe that this wasn't planned in advance. This is one of my favorite games on Newgrounds, period.

This is the game of the year, sorry all the other games. This is the most graphics video game, it's the most gameplay video game, and did I even mention the graphics? This game is so good that it's not even a stretch to compare it to titans like Bubsy 3D (which is my personal favorite game of all time).

The idea for this game reminds me of a few months ago when I was sitting on the couch playing John Madden Football for Sega Genesis (which if you didn't know is my favorite game of all time) when I thought, "Madden is great, but I wish it had more Red Ball Character Running Through Vibrant Levels With Cheery Music In Pursuit Of Money." This game didn't scratch that itch at all, but I just put it out there in case someone reading wants to make that.

Some things I'd improve:
- It's called Money Man but you don't play as the money??? I think this might legally be false advertising
- There was this weird bug where I got a call from my mom in real life saying "please stop playing that game it's spreading a virus onto the network". Hopefully that's patched in the next release, it really made me lose focus.
- The city building gameplay pales in comparison to that of Sim City on SNES, which came out over 30 years ago. Like come on bro, it doesn't even have fire departments, how are you gonna have a city without a fire department?? (Sorry for the harsh comparison, Sim City is just my favorite game of all time so I'm very defensive about it)

Of course all of those were really minor and didn't affect my overall enjoyment of the game in any way. With all that in mind, I've decided that my final score is a 0/5. Sorry everyone who worked on this game, do better next time

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i love that soft sax vibe! i feel like i heard something very similar a long time ago on a cd at my grandma's house or something, so this makes me feel nostalgic even though i can't exactly place why.

can't believe i slept on this for so long when this goes so hard. the last few especially, i love the specific "dead mall" sound of lapse. great work

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Thank you so much!

no. i don't think i will

i'm just chilling with the guac from my chip hat


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